Tom’s Tips – Maui ATV Tours

Jan 31, 2019 | Activity Information

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On Maui, visitors have gone ‘bonkers’ over the ATV craze. For many years this did not even exist as an option but now it is one of the most frequently requested activities. Unfortunately If you do not make bookings early it is often very difficult for us to accommodate you.

To be clear, there are two wonderful companies that offer these tours here and they each provide different types of equipment. The typical ATV that is operated and driven by a single rider is available at one location. Each person will head out on their own following the terrain in the midst of a ranch on the eastern slopes of the West Maui Mountains. These scenic rides are approximately 2 hours in duration and provide great panoramic views.

The second company provides similar tours on what are referred to as UTV’s. These particular vehicles can be driven solo or they can accommodate as many as 4 people at a time. Also they have two locations, one above the Kaanapali/Kapalua area and one in the more remote East Maui area of Kaupo. Both are fantastic.

These Polaris RZR UTV’s are simply state of the art. They are super fast and zippy with lots of power and the suspension is simply unbelievable. They will navigate giant river rocks and huge bumps you would would not believe you could make it over. Although you may go out with as many as 3, 4 or 5 other vehicles you do not have the feeling you are just being herded around. Every driver typically expands and contracts the formation of vehicles in the natural context of the ride and you quite often will find yourself catching up to others at great speeds as you navigate hair-pin corners. Recently some of my buddies and I spent two separate days visiting each of these locations and had way too much fun.

It’s great that you can switch off as drivers whenever you would like as well so everyone will get a chance to drive. Unless you have a family whose members don’t care to drive and simply want to be along for the exciting ride, I would recommend that you don’t go with any more than just yourself and one other person. On the approximately 2 hour ride you will each get a chance to drive for about an hour and it is less expensive than each taking a solo vehicle. Also, its great fun experiencing the exact moments of exhilaration together with your friend at the same time.

As far as their locations go, both areas are great fun but my preference is the Kaupo location. The Kaanapali one is certainly closer for anyone staying on the West Side but the 2 hour or so drive out to Kaupo is a fabulous ride in its own right and makes for fabulous sightseeing on your way there and back. Once you are there however you will be on an enormous private ranch that extends from the ocean cliffs below up into the mountains about 2500 ft. The remoteness, beauty and history of the area make for priceless memories