Tom’s Tips – Maui Excursions

Mar 31, 2021 | Activity Information

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When people think of touring on Maui they are most often thinking about taking a sightseeing excursion. From time immemorial this has been one of the cornerstones of the activity industry on Maui and rightfully so. There are so many important places you will want to visit: the Hana Coastline, the Crater of Haleakala, the Iao Valley.

For many of you these places can be most easily visited by rental car and of course traveling that way will give you a certain freedom to go and stop as you please. Certainly I can say that when I travel I prefer to have the discretion of driving in my own car, but not always. When traveling some years ago in Thailand I was great-full to have taken a tour bus from Bangkok to the Mekong River with all the points in between. I dare say that I would have never been able to know all the special features along the road and points of interest as related to the history and geography of the area if I had not had such and knowledgeable guide to show us the way.

The same thing probably could relate to you with regard to Maui as well. There is often a great benefit to having a professional tour guide usher you from location to location and make sure you are filled in with all the highlights. Not only might you have missed some of them along the way but you would not have known the significance of many. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle of liking to have a guide but preferring to be in your own vehicle you may want to check out some of the private sightseeing tours we offer where a guide will be taking just your small group to the various points of interest. You will have the option to stop at your pleasure but you will also have the direct connection with your guide to ask questions at will.