Tom’s Tips – Maui Scuba Diving

Mar 12, 2024 | Activity Information

Certified divers already know that Maui scuba diving is great.  Many have already been here many times and have experienced many of the great dives: Cathedrals on Lānaʻi , the Back Wall of Molokini, the lava outcroppings at Kapalua Bay and many others. For these divers, they are aware of the fantastic assembly of dive companies we have here on the island. Integrity is the key word and we have so much of it here in the dive community.

The one’s of you I would most like to address here are the first time divers. It seems that many, many people have flirted with the idea of ‘taking the plunge’ and doing a first time dive but there often are certain ‘blocks’ that keep them from doing so. Many feel that although they can swim they think they have to be much more proficient to be a diver. Many think it is too technical and difficult to learn. For others who have never even lived by the ocean they feel like it might be too far out of their league and out of their comfort zone. Regarding each one of these objections, I suggest that you debunk them and move forward with the simple determination to make it happen while you are on vacation in Maui.

This of course is the perfect time to do this. You’ve already broken free of your daily patterns and simply by being here on your holiday you’ve established a new paradigm between your former, at home, life and the one your are involved in while your are here. It is your time to dive!

And how simple is it? Much more simple than you think. Do you realize that in the course of a single morning you could appear at the dive shop for your lesson, knowing nothing about diving, and a brief 4 hours later you could have completed a full open ocean dive having consumed a full tank of air and have been witness to all the great underwater spectacles. Better yet, you could stick around a tiny bit longer and have done an additional tank of air for a second dive. This one is often the most rewarding because you are already comfortable with the procedures and the equipment attached to your body. This is often the dive that allows you to really feel that weightless sense of freedom and allows your curiosity to go wild as you examine everything you can find that surrounds you in this marvelous world underwater. I encourage you to take on a first time dive. See how easy it is and go home with a memory you can really share with enthusiasm with your friends and family.

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