Tom’s Tips – Molokai Tours

Feb 5, 2018 | Activity Information

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Molokai is an interesting island just 8 miles off the shores of Maui but it does not have the intricate tourist economy that can be found on Maui. In fact it is quite rural and laid back and there is simply not that much in the way of tourism that goes on there. It’s not that it is not a beautiful island, which it is, but what is more a factor is that the residents there seem to have long ago decided that they were more comfortable keeping the island all to themselves and that in itself is a heartwarming thought.

For many years we had a ferry that ran regularly between Maui and Molokai but that has been out of service now for quite a few years. The only way for the general public to get back and forth now days is by regularly scheduled air lines or by sightseeing planes that will tour the beautiful coastlines and then land on the island to take a land tour. The most sought after of the tours we have that go over to Molokai are the ones that fly into the remote Kalaupapa Peninsula where you can find Father Damien’s Leper Colony. For those that can arrange to take one of these amazing tours it can be quite the ‘heart stopper’. So much emotion, and so much history and so much natural beauty of the island is involved in these tours that it often brings visitors to tears when they visit here.