Tom’s Tips – Niihau Tours

Mar 5, 2019 | Activity Information

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There is so much mystery and myth surrounding the island of Niihau that it has been seemingly shrouded in a cloak of Hawaiian magic. The island is different, no question. It is a private island and is owned totally by the Robinson family of Kauai. It is somewhat remote, being located 18 miles off the coast of its nearest neighbor, Kauai, so that in itself makes it somewhat distant. The other factor that makes it more separate from the other islands is that it has been an island where the general public is not permitted. In fact it is really only home to just a few hundred true Hawaiian people who have attempted to keep their Hawaiian culture and indeed they do. In fact, Hawaiian is the primary language that is spoken there.

As you probably already know, visitors to Hawaii are not permitted in Niihau so there is no actual tour available of the island. We do have fantastic snorkel tours and dive tours that make there way over to the fertile offshore reefs of Niihau and this is some the best snorkeling we offer in Hawaii. Visiting the coast of Niihau is not exactly like visiting the coast of Waikiki, but I guess that’s the whole point.