Hawaii — A Favorite Adventure Travel Destination

Sep 3, 2017 | General Information

Adventure travel is one of the most popular segments of the travel industry. In recent years there has been tremendous global growth in adventure travel. More and more companies are getting into the market. We make the case here for adventure travel to and in Hawaii versus some remote and wild corner of the globe. Despite – and ironically even because of — its marvelous reputation as a vacation destination, Hawaii tends to be overlooked for unique, eco-friendly adventure travel experiences that can be specifically tailored to the interests and passions of most travelers.

Biking in Morocco? Hiking in Peru? Other adventure trips to remote destinations that might appeal, for example, to couples, solo travelers, 2-parent families or single parents? By comparison, Hawaii has it all for any category of adventure travelers. As proof of that claim, we suggest studying Tom Barefoot’s Tours (www.tombarefoot.com) to find exceptional, affordable adventure travel ideas. Then we further suggest that both travelers and travel agents select and save these activities for future reference. Together with each activity, you’ll see a link to “add to your perfect activities list”.

While you’re at it, assemble some unique adventure itineraries that won’t hurt a bank account. For example, multi-sport trips – bike, hike, climb, paddle, and ride. These experiences might be especially appealing to families and small groups. Without question, for people with enough time and money to spend, visiting mountain gorillas in Africa and wild tigers in India, adventure trips to likes of China, Nepal, Vietnam, and Mongolia all are great. But discoveringHawaii’s fantastic scenery and diversity provides comparably terrific adventure travel experiences.

Most travel agents have clients that not only want to awaken their adrenaline while traveling, they want to supercharge it and be pushed out of their comfort zone. From friends or other sources they may have heard about the experience of flying over the West Maui Mountains for almost 10,000 feet via seven ziplines!” So when asked for exciting travel suggestions, you can say: “how about cruising through an exotic native forest via 7 ziplines and walking across the longest suspension bridge in Hawaii while gazing at a six-story-tall waterfall?” If your clients prefer not to hike, instead of a 7-line zip they can take either 5 or 6 ziplines. All of these zipline experiences provide views of breathtaking scenery and, based on reviews, include fantastic instructors. And Tom Barefoot’s Tours’ (www.tombarefoot.com) zipline prices are the most affordable in Hawaii.

As for a multi-sport adventure itinerary over a couple of days that also includes zipline, check out a bike ride down the Haleakala volcano from a 6,500’ elevation to sea level at Paia. Both people learning to bike and experienced bike riders all can share a uniquely adventuresome ride that ends at a scenic Maui town’s beaches, restaurants, art galleries and specialty shops. Without traveling half way around the world, visitors to Hawaii can enjoy itineraries that blend adventure experiences, great scenery and sublime amenities.