Horseback riding tours into Haleakala Crater?

May 19, 2021 | General Information

Horseback riding tours into Haleakala Crater? The following question was answered by Shyela.

We would like to go inside the Haleakala Crater when we come to Maui. Everyone in our party is over 55 years old and we are not in good enough shape to hike at 10,000. We all like the idea of not having to walk. Are there any horseback riding tours that go into Haleakala Crater?

We used to offer tours through Haleakala Crater, but unfortunately they are no longer available. Haleakala National Park decided not to renew any permits for horseback riding tours in the crater this year. This is mainly due to the sensitive environment and ecosystem located in the crater itself. The park cares for endangered species, some of which exist nowhere else in the world. Not to mention the beautiful Silversword plant–its root system is very shallow making getting anywhere near the plant harmful to its health and lifespan (they can live up to 90 years!!). So on that note, we want to be sure to respect and preserve Haleakala’s unique and delicate environment.

If you would like to go horseback riding ON Haleakala, we do offer tours with Pony Express at Haleakala Ranch with your choice of going through the ranch, or riding on the Mauka (mountain) side of the ranch itself. Both are very gorgeous, refreshingly cool, and majestic. There are also many other horseback riding tours on the island to choose from.
Thank you for your inquiry with us and let us know if you have any more questions.