Need a wetsuit for surfing?

Nov 15, 2019 | General Information

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Hello, I’m interested in learning surfing and found your website. Do surf schools on Maui and Oahu operate during the December-March time frame and is the warm enough to take lessons & learn surfing for the first time? Would I need a wet suit.

Thank you very much for submitting a quick question form to us.
In response to your question lessons go year round and water temperature average 75ø which is about the same temperature of the air during those months so it will not feel particularly cold, but since our average body temperature is 98.6ø, your body temperature starts dropping once you’re in the water, you’d feel warmer in general for a longer time with one on.
Wet suits can be rented at shops around the island (I’ll supply you with the closest place if you’ll let me know where you’re staying). A wetsuit works by trapping a thin layer of water between the wetsuit and the skin. The body temperature of the surfer heats this water giving a nice warm water blanket. This is why getting a wetsuit that fits well is a must. It should have a nice tight fit (not so tight that you can’t move freely) and shouldn’t have baggy areas where the suit comes away from your body.