The Origin of Hawaii Ziplines dates back 1000’s of years!

Aug 9, 2022 | General Information

First of all, let’s define a zipline. A zipline consists of a suspended cable with a sliding pulley. Ziplines usually are made of a stainless-steel cable mounted between two points on an incline. Ziplines are designed to propel an individual using gravity from point A to point B while she or he is holding onto or is attached to a sliding pulley. A zipline uses an aerial cable and gravity for movement at different speeds over many different kinds of terrain for the purpose of transport or, more importantly, in Hawaii, exciting adventures.

Starting in far off places like China, India or Japan, more than 2000 years ago, ziplines were nothing more than primitive ropes that served a variety of practical purposes. For example: as an alternative to bridges in ancient China and other places; for mountain climbing and rescues in the Tyrolean alps and other mountainous areas; and delivering supplies across valleys, gullies and rivers in the Australian outback and many different backcountry areas.

From scattered uses around the world, zipline technology and the ziplines themselves have become familiar options for tourists in many countries seeking thrills. Today, there are over 400 ziplines throughout the United States, many of which are in the Hawaiian islands.

For first-time and the most experienced zipliners, the islands of Hawaii offer more diverse zipline experiences than any other tropical vacation destination in the world. Thousands of people who have ziplined in Hawaii call it awesome fun. Ziplining in the islands includes: through rainforests to swim under waterfalls; soaring hundreds of feet above valley floors and tropical plantations; canopy ziplines that speed along at 50 mph; walking tree-to-tree across spectacular suspension bridges to aerial platforms; and much more.

Ziplining has become a whole new way to experience Hawaii from a new perspective that varies in each location and combination of activities. Treetop thrill rides covering thousands of feet can provide unique ways to view scenery in rain forests, mountainous areas, and coastal locations. Ziplining adds another dimension to the islands’ breathtaking beauty. Ziplining provides a bird’s eye view of dense greenery and misty mountaintops that inspires both awe and excitement.