9 Worthwhile Things To Do in Hawaii, and 1 thing not to waste your time on!

Feb 2, 2017 | General Information

1) Leave your cell phone in the hotel room and go out to the beach. We’ve all become way to used to having our cell phones with us at all times and most of us are constantly checking on them, almost as a nervous habit. Think about why you decided to come on vacation in the first place. It probably had something to do with relieving stress and replacing it with a good dose of natural beauty and fresh air. The cell phone habit is a great one to drop to maximize your relaxation on your holiday.

2) It might be a few extra bucks, but go for the convertible! Hawaii is the place to have the top down. You’ll feel like a kid again and it will bring so much more enjoyment to your Hawaii experience.

3) Get onto the water on a boat and check out the half of Hawaii that is under the sea. Most places, at least in the continental United States are not great for snorkeling and the water is way too cold. There are so many boats we have that go to so many different places to snorkel. Take advantage of where you are. Get wet!

4) You can go out for dinner at a restaurant wherever you’re from, but don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a Hawaii sunset from the prospective of the ocean looking back at the beautiful island mountains. You have many choices and it is really hard not to have a great time on one of these cruises.

5) Spend as much time outside as you can. There are so many reasons people love to come to Hawaii but nine-tenths of them have to do with some aspect of the weather. It’s comfortably warm, there are cooling trade winds, there are swaying palms, there are magnificent jungles and forests, outstanding beaches are found on every island………….get the picture, soak up as much of the Hawaii that is outside as you can!

6) When out at a restaurant, order the fresh fish. Hawaii is surrounded by ocean and the fish that are caught here are not only delicious but likely not a variety you can enjoy at home. Make certain you are ordering freshly caught fish with tempting names like Mahi Mahi, Ono, Skipjack or Yellowfin Tuna, Opakapaka or even Marlin.

7) Plan one activity which is different that you have never done before. Plan for the day you would like to do it, and book it well in advance. One of the great joys of going on vacation is to do something totally different. It creates a vibrancy and aliveness that really adds an extra dimension to your holiday experience. There are so many types of activities in Hawaii and so many vendors that will take you on them that it will not be hard to find something different to do. The corollary to this however is that you most often need to book what you want well in advance to assure that you can attend the activity and do it on the day that is most appropriate for you. Decide, and then book early!

8) Don’t plan to do too much. Many people fall into this trap. Yes, of course you want to do things but be careful not to wear yourself out with back to back adventures. A combination of activity followed by rest and relaxation is the best medicine!

9) Of course price is important, but when on a well deserved holiday it may be more important to choose the activity you really want to experience. Try to cut on your expenses to save up for an ‘activity bankroll’ in the months before you go on vacation. Your vacation will be so much more delicious!
One thing not to do!

10) Whatever you do, don’t waste your precious vacation time going to a Time Share Presentation. Yes you may save some money on a particular activity they may be able to provide for you but you will have to pay for it in precious time dealing with a sales pitch from a high pressured sales staff and ultimately that may not provide the stress relief you are probably seeking on your Hawaiian vacation.