Are there any weekend showings of Ulalena?

Nov 11, 2021 | General Information

The following question was answered by Ann.

We are coming over to Oahu for two weeks this March. During our time in Hawaii we are going to travel to the island of Maui for the second weekend we are there. We are looking for activities to do once we get to Maui and the Ulalena show caught our eye. Are there any weekend showings of Ulalena?

Mahalo for your inquiry! Unfortunately there are no Ulalena showings on the weekends. Ulalena performances are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with doors opening at 4:30 and showtime at 5 pm. This unique performance is an artistic tribute to cultures and traditions of Hawaii. If you can reschedule your inter-island trip you should because If it isn’t already on your “must do” list while visiting Maui, you need to add it because the show is great! If you are not able to change your dates to come over to Maui please be aware that we have literally hundreds of other options of things to do and I’d be happy to talk with you about the different options that are available on the weekends. For assistance with your reservations please call Ann at ext. 121. A hui hou and best adventures always!