Big Island Beach Guide

Oct 22, 2021 | General Information

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The Big Island often gets a pretty bad rap when it comes to beaches. Yes, it is true that it is the newest of the Hawaiian islands and as a result it has not had enough geological time pass by to jump-start the laws of physics and allow nature to work its magic on creating the type of amazing beaches that can often be found on other islands of the Hawaiian chain. Yes, it is also true that it often works against itself in this regard by paving over perfectly good beaches it has already created with a consistent bevy of new eruptive flows. And yes, much of the coastline found on the Big Island is devoid of any type of beaches at all as it is simply rugged flows of lava that present themselves in a constant brutish battle against the tumult of the rough pounding of the brutal sea. But existent in all the forces that seem to work against its favor, the Big Island, like the jewel of nature it is, has found the time and the way to create some beaches along its coastline that would rival any to be found on any other island in Hawaii and these beaches may come in various but beautiful forms.

No Hawaiian island has as many beautiful black sand beaches as can be found on the Big Island. No other island has a green sand beach. And of the white sand beaches that can be found on other islands, few can compare to some of the gems that grace the shores of the Big Island. If you enjoy snorkeling you will find the best snorkeling here that all of Hawaii has to offer. Beaches like the Hapuna Beach in West Hawaii have distinguished themselves time and again as being chosen quite a number of years as being the “best beach on the planet”. Great beaches don’t just happen around every corner of the Big Island as they are few and far between, but they are there.

As you explore the beaches of the Big Island with us you will undoubtedly develop a greater degree of respect for them and appreciate them in their uniqueness. We look forward in these pages to take you to some of the most exotic beaches that the Big Island has to offer. Finding your way traveling off the beaten path for me always provides a bit more excitement than the status quo and in many places if you rent a four-wheel drive vehicle you will have all equipment you will need to drive to the most exotic locations where some of the Big Island’s hidden treasures can be found. Some of these more difficult to access beaches can also be accessed by a normal sedan if you take the time to avoid obviously large rocks on the roadways an drive ridiculously slow.