Big Kahuna Surf Lessons

Mar 24, 2018 | General Information

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We recently went on a surf lesson with Big Kahuna Adventures in Kihei. We gave ourselves extra time to check out the location and talk with the owner Jeff before the lesson began. The break we went surfing on was behind the skate park that is located next to the large statue of a humpback whale in the middle of Kalama Park. This area is a sandy reef break that we used to call “Kalama Bowls” when I was a kid. This area is ideal for learning to surf because of its small consistent waves that are found here. In fact at a very young age I learned to surf in this very same area under the supervision of my God Father. I stayed behind the camera for the day and we brought along a friend of our computer programmer named Liz who had never surfed before in her life to test out the skills of the Big Kahuna instructors. The instructors of Big Kahuna Kayaks were very thorough and spent about twenty minutes on land going over the basics before we got into the water. Once we got into the water two other instructors joined in to lend a hand and the surfing began. We got out to the break and didn’t have to wait longer then two minutes before the first set came in. Liz was already perfectly positioned next to the instructor who gave her a push into the wave. She stood up and rode as far as she could. When she paddled back out she had a smile ear to ear. Her enthusiasm and excitement continued throughout the whole lesson as she caught wave after wave. There was another member of the lesson who was from Los Angeles and he told me that he was going to buy a board as soon as he got home. Across the street from where the surf lessons are is the Big Kahuna Surf Shop where they rent everything from coolers to kayaks and stand up paddleboards.