Biking for exercise in Hawaii?

Jul 5, 2021 | General Information

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The following question was answered by Joy.


We like biking and do it regularly. We would like to take a ride or two in Hawaii but we want to actually pedal and get some exercise rather than just glide downhill. Any ideas? We’ll be on Oahu and on the Big Island.


Biking is an awesome way to experience Hawaii. There are lots of options for experienced cyclists. On the Big Island of Hawaii it is possible to choose between several tours that provide the opportunity to explore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The rain-forests, lava flows, lava tubes and often molten lava just a few feet from view make these bike tours some of the most amazing anywhere in the world.
Oahu offers a bike trip that winds along scenic dirt roads in Ka’a’awa valley and continues along a path above the ocean.