Building Special Family Memories in Hawaii

Oct 17, 2018 | General Information

Tom Barefoot’s Tours has been really happy to help young adults, their parents and grandparents to vacation together in Hawaii. We all know that multigenerational travel is a growing trend, but our staff experiences special gratification by bringing several generations together and helping them to select just the right activities and tours.

Agents and advisors working in our travel agency affiliates across the US and in Hawaii are helping today’s active and healthy boomers to spend vacation time with their loved ones. Together with Tom Barefoot’s Tours, these travel professionals help families plan getaways for important birthdays and anniversaries that bring everyone together in a very special place that three generations all can enjoy.

We all know that different generations usually have different ideas about the ingredients of an unforgettable vacation. Younger adults prefer some adventure on their vacations. Older folks often opt for more laid-back options that include sightseeing. But Hawaii, perhaps uniquely, enables both older and younger generations vacationing together to bridge their different travel priorities and interests.

One of our main goals at our website is to make it possible for everyone that comes to Hawaii, regardless of age, to experience special family vacation memories. No matter what parents want to do while traveling with their kids or grandparents, it’s available on one of Hawaii’s islands, during a special morning, afternoon or evening.

The good “problem” frequently experienced by visitors to Hawaii becomes the sheer the number and variety of activity and tour choices. With over 1500 activities and tours, we take some of the “blame” for that kind of “problem.” That’s one of the reasons that we had to create Activity Match™, a unique tool for visitors to make decisions about where, when and how to find, evaluate and book activities and tours on each island in Hawaii.

We love to hear these kinds of comments from our clients enjoying adventures on land and sea with family members: “Excellent customer service…Your staff was wonderful!!! …You helped us to make the most out of our vacation in Paradise!..Your staff went out of their way to assist us with changes in our plans and activities…thanks for making our trip an overwhelming success!” But occasionally some things can go wrong. So the reviews from our customers that we appreciate most, even more than “great service,” “super friendly” and “knowledgeable,” come from people who have had some unforeseen problem like “my husband got injured” or “a tropical storm just hit” and we took care of them.