Claustrophobia and Submarine Tours

Aug 12, 2018 | General Information

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My mother has trouble with claustrophobia. Do you think she might have a problem on the submarine?

She may very well have difficulty with the submarine. Obviously you will have to be closed into a metal chamber when you submerge under the water. There is plenty of room inside and a person that does not suffer from claustrophobia would not have trouble. There are also generous quantities of fresh air rushing by through the cabin at all times which is a great help. For those who have difficulties being confined in small spaces however this many not be enough. Generally speaking we find that if someone is asking questions about getting onto a sub they probably will be able to get by. For those that will really have a problem, they won’t even consider getting on in the first place. Why don’t you simply ask your mother what she thinks and if it will really be a problem she is almost certain to let you know.