Do You Offer Two Tank Intro Dives on Oahu?

Jul 17, 2018 | General Information

I’ve never been scuba diving before and would like to try this on my upcoming visit to Oahu. My neighbor is a certified diver and recommended that I take a two tank introductory dive. Can you arrange this for me?


You’re neighbor’s idea is a good one. Most dive companies only offer a one-tank introductory dive but in our opinion as well, a two-tank intro dive is preferable. The problem with a one tank dive is that you will generally feel fairly uncomfortable during your first dive as you get used to the equipment and breathing under water. When you come up from your dive you feel much more accomplished and a second dive will usually provide more of the underwater experience you initially were seeking in the first place. Your second dive will go smoother and you will be able to view the underwater world in a calmer state of mind. One of the great companies we have on Oahu that offers a two-tank introductory dive is Ocean Concepts and we’ll be glad to set you up with a dive prior to your arrival.