Find a Big Island Beach with Guard Tower and Life Guard

Jul 6, 2018 | General Information

As you can see by our listings of Big Island Beaches the Island of Hawaii has no shortage of beaches to visit.

In addition to each Big Island Beach listed here there are perhaps one or two more less frequented or less desirous beaches that exist on the Big Island. The actual number of beach locations, large and small probably is in excess of seventy-five all tolled so there is plenty of opportunity to find a beach and get wet. The Big Island Beach “problem” if you will, is that for those not familiar with the Hawaiian oceans, currents, winds and the specific conditions that are prevalent at each and every separate beach………hazardous conditions can and do exist. These hazards do not limit themselves to newcomers to these beaches but can also plague long time residents and there is a lengthy list of locals who have lost their lives on its shores.

Safety then should be a key ingredient one should look for when choosing a Big Island Beach to enjoy. Unlike some of the other Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island of Hawaii actually has less guarded beaches as a percentage of the whole. Partially this is due to the fact that the islands beaches are spread so far out with often large distances between them logistically making the distribution of life guard towers and life guards that much more difficult to manage. We have provided below a list of guarded beaches you can bring your family to. Remember however, the fact that a life guard tower with lifeguard present does not automatically make the beach a safe one, but it does dramatically increase its chances of being a safe experience. Before entering the water at a Big Island Beach, it is always a wise practice to check with the lifeguard about specific conditions at that point in time and find out where the best spots to enter the water and swim are to be found.