Flyin Hawaiian Zipline

Mar 28, 2022 | General Information

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The Flyin Hawaiian Zipline has the distinction in Hawaii of having the single largest zipline run, being of over 3600′, which is approaching almost 3/4 of a mile. Although the course consists of only 7 runs total, they are all fairly long and in fact the way the course is laid out it even makes the course appear longer. It has been constructed along the east facing slopes of the West Maui Mountains directly facing the central valley and with beautiful views of Mount Haleakala and the ocean on each side of the isthmus. It starts above the town of Waikapu which is the home of the Maui Tropical Plantation. After meeting them here you will be transported way up the mountain to the first zipline. When you begin zipping you will traverse all the 7 adjacent valleys heading south until you actually end up in the area close to Maalaea. In all actuality you will have zipped into a different zip code from 96793 to 96753.

This single track zipline course has a string of very long lines in addition to the 3600′ line, which will include a 2800′, 2100′ and a 1900′ line. Even the smaller lines can be challenging as is the case on line 5 which is only 500′ in length but they allow you to jump it backwards. As far as feet off the ground, you in some cases will be looking down 600′ to the valley floor below which is the equivalent of looking down from a 60 story building. And if speed can add to your thrills, this course can get you humming at some points at about 50 mph. Yes, the Flyin Hawaiian Zipline course is high, fast and far. This is probably not the Maui zipline course you would want to try on your first zipline outing, although many people do. It might be helpful to get familiar with the process on one of the ziplines that is not as ‘adventurous’ to start with to get your feet wet.

Even if you do decide to try this amazing course you have some additional logistics to work through as well. Namely, being able to find a space available for you. We are often booked many weeks in advance on this course as it rightly, has captivated the imagination of the ziplining public. If beauty, speed and course length are appealing to you, you will need to step into the queue and wait your turn. Please book this one early and we will do our best to get you on.

Lest you think that these folks are all in it for simply providing you one of the most exciting zipline experiences you may have ever had, you would be wrong. They constantly have an eye on the environment and when they built this amazing course they did so without the assistance of heavy machinery which would have required roads to be built along the remote mountainsides thus killing off the plant life. In fact they actually reforest the area on each of their zipline tours by bringing with them a tree that is ceremoniously planted on the hillside and will be there for generations and assist with the renewal of Maui’s beautiful landscape. Education is also a big part of their mission as they will eagerly explain facts about the invasive species found on the island and other themes that are important to the environment of Maui.