Hanama’ulu Beach Park

Jan 25, 2019 | General Information

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Hanamaulu Beach is located a short 3 miles north of Lihue and is protected from the ocean by the large Hanamaulu Bay. This bay is very picturesque and in the day served as the backdrop for the film “Donavan’s Reef” starring John Wayne. The beach is lined with beautiful Ironwood Trees which provide ample shade from Kauai’s often hot sun and it is nestled alongside the Hanamaulu Stream which offers a freshwater aspect to this scenic spot.

Hanama’ulu Bay — A Great Place to Film a Movie
Although the waters here tend to be calm because of the protection offered from the walls of the bay the swimming here is not particularly desirable because of the accumulation of silt that is washed down from the stream and flushed into the bay. In addition to that, there is no lifeguard on duty at Hanamaulu Beach.

The Beautiful Hanama’ulu River Feeds into the Bay
This beach park offers a camping option by permit only which is often taken advantage of by the local residents. On most days you will find that you will be enjoying the beach with those who have chosen to spend a few days at this peaceful location and the facilities provided here are quite adequate. You will find bathrooms and showers along with picnic tables and a large paved parking area. This is a great spot to find tranquility just minutes away from the always busy coastal highway and the capitol city of Lihue.

Ocean Caution
Be advised that all beaches and ocean locations in Hawaii can be dangerous including this one. Be completely aware of the ocean conditions prior to entering any Hawaiian waters however it is not advised that you enter the water at this location. Also, all shorelines and beaches in Hawaii, including this one, can be frequented by sharks, jellyfish and other sea creatures which can provide potential harm to people entering the water. There are no lifeguard towers at this location.