Here is an Activity that is more Dangerous than Swimming with Sharks!

Feb 26, 2019 | General Information

Questions about sharks and shark attacks are some of the most frequently asked questions people ask regarding their upcoming trips to Hawaii. Although the minds image of such horrific attacks are prominent in ones imagination the reality is that these happen very infrequently and in fact they actually happen less frequently over the course of a year worldwide than do deaths associated with taking ‘Selfies’.

The ‘selfie’ phenomenon has hit the world by storm and it is estimated that in any given week just under 400,000 mentions of the word appear in Face Book posts. Having someone take your photo at a popular tourist location or with a background of a beautiful sunset has always been standard operating procedure for visitors to Hawaii. Taking similar photos on your own however is a bit more convenient and in many cases it allows you to take multiple photos to your liking without having to impose upon a kind-hearted stranger to take more than one for you.
The one thing that has become more evident in recent years is that taking selfies of yourself can be dangerous for a number of reasons but highest on the list would be that you are not being aware enough of what is behind you when you are facing the other direction and falls from high places actually lead the list of selfie related deaths.
It is highly unlikely that this activity will in any way be appreciably reduced over the course of time but it is likely that as people become aware of the statistics regarding fatalities while taking selfies that they will take the time to become aware of their immediate surroundings when including themselves in their photo images (interesting fact: it is estimated that in the population group including 18-24 year olds fully 30% of the photos taken are selfies).