How easy is it to learn how to snorkel?

Jun 21, 2020 | General Information

Generally speaking, the answer to this question is, ‘very easy’. But it is ‘not too easy’ for some people and it is ‘too easy’ for others. What do you think we mean by that? Is it that some people don’t have the physical coordination to learn the skill while others have an abundance of it? No, that’s not exactly it. Sure some physical skills come somewhat easier for some than others but as it relates to snorkeling, honestly, this is something almost anyone can learn in an afternoon and feel perfectly comfortable with in a short period of time. The thing that is so important and must be remembered is that everyone should innately have a basic suspicion regarding entering the ocean with snorkel gear, because like all things, it can be dangerous. This fact can be attested to by the large number of people who have drowned off the coasts of Hawaii when snorkeling over the years. Although it is simple to learn, it can be lethal, just as walking across the street is easy to learn but can be lethal if you do it wrong.

In no way are we attempting to scare you about the practice of snorkeling, it is just that it actually is so easy to do that you can become somewhat unguarded at times. Just like anything else, you need to be continuously mindful. It is good to maintain a healthy respect of the ocean, and it is wonderful to enjoy the wonders of the ocean while snorkeling.

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