How hard are the bike rides?

Sep 7, 2018 | General Information

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My husband and I like to bike at home and I would say we are moderately fit. How difficult are the volcano bike rides and will we be able to get close to the lava flows?

Being moderately fit would be just perfect. You wont be doing any Tour de France hillsides and in fact it will be mostly level ground or downhill. Certainly there will be some exertion but you will probably be able to handle it. As far as where they take you in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that will be to some degree up to Mother Nature. If it is safe to get near the flows and they come near your biking route you will be able to get close. They will want to keep you away from the fumes so on many days the route will be dependent upon the prevailing winds. Generally speaking though these are great tours from which to experience the volcano areas.