How Hard is it to Hike Through Haleakala Crater?

Oct 31, 2021 | General Information

We have heard so much about Haleakala Crater. We would love to take a hike through it but we have heard it is quite challenging. We are a couple in our mid-forties and in reasonably good shape. Are we good candidates.

If you are in moderately good health your hike down Haleakala should work out fine. Keep in mind that it will be a fairly long hike if you plan to go all the way to the crater floor (which is advisable). Eight hours time would not be an unreasonable expectation. If you are having apprehensions about going it alone we can also set you up with a hike tour that will take you down. The big advantage in going with them is that they are so informative and will be able to share so much about the flora, fauna, history, weather and general island info that you would not necessarily be privy to otherwise. Either way should be a great experience.