Is it a good idea to take a ‘doors off’ Helicopter flight over Kauai?

Aug 29, 2020 | General Information

Well the answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’ as these flights are not for everyone. There is actually no middle answer to this one, you will either love it and not be able to stop talking about your flight for months to come or you will be petrified, keep your eyes closed during the entire flight and come away from the experience hopefully at least remembering a few tidbits of information you may have picked up from the pilots description over your headphones.

I personally fall into the former category and I must say that some of the most memorable flights I have ever flown have been with the doors off. First off, there is nothing coming between you and the spectacular wonders of scenic Kauai. You feel as though you could just reach out and touch the island. In every sense you could say that the island actually comes in and touches you as the cool air and stiff breezes connect you with the spirit of the island at 4000′. You’ll be glad you were suited up with appropriate outerwear to keep out the brisk temperatures but your pulsing reddened cheeks will keep you in the loop as to what is really happening in the skies above Kauai.

If heights are a problem for you, you could probably assume that this flight will not be your cup of tea. Simply knowing that you are safely buckled up with harnesses is not enough to keep you from realizing that three inches to the left of your foot that is firmly placed on the floor of the craft is a 3000′ drop to the jungle floors of the Garden Isle.
All in all though, if you fall prey to the sirens call of the doors off helicopter, you will likely be ruined for life and will need this particular type of drug on all your next flights or they will seem flat. Be careful, you might like it!