Kalihiwai Beach – This Kauai Beach Can Be Dangerous For Swimming

Jan 29, 2022 | General Information

Kalihiwai Beach is one of the truly beautiful North Shore Beaches. It is scenically positioned between two prominent points of land and its perfect crescent shape is first noticeable as you get a glimpse of the bay when driving down the roadway which dead-ends at the beach itself. It’s beautiful fine white sand backs up to an ironwood forest which doubles as a parking area for cars that are allowed to pull up in the shaded areas bordering the beach. A wide fresh water stream enters into the bay on the far side of the beach providing a pleasant area to rinse off after a dip in the salt waters of Kalihiwai but as with all freshwater encounters in Hawaii the prospect of Leptospirosis is always a factor to consider.

A First Glimpse of Kalihiwai Beach As Seen From The Roadway In
As is the case with all other North Shore beaches the winter month bring in the larger surf but wave conditions can be large on occasion during the summer as well. Since there are no lifeguards on this beach it is always a risk getting into the water here. Amazingly strong currents can be found here and a good fallback position for a swim at this beach when the conditions are not good would be to take a dip in the fresh water stream behind the bay.

Surfing at Kalihiwai Beach
When the surf is large Kalihiwai Bay it has a couple large and perfectly formed surf breaks that will draw surfers in droves. The local surf contingent is quite protective of this beach however and in addition to the crowded conditions that often include long line-ups there is also an atmosphere of “attitude” in the water that is thick enough to be cut with a knife. This is not a beginners surfing spot and is very dangerous. The best idea is generally to just enjoy the action from the beach.

Parking and Beach Amenities
There is very little in the way of amenities at Kalihiwai with the exception of the occasional portable toilet and a beachside dirt parking area.

Ocean Caution
Be advised that all beaches and ocean locations in Hawaii can be dangerous including this one. Be completely aware of the ocean conditions prior to entering any Hawaiian waters however it is not advised that you enter the water at this location. Also, all shorelines and beaches in Hawaii, including this one, can be frequented by sharks, jellyfish and other sea creatures which can provide potential harm to people entering the water. There are no lifeguard towers at this location.