Kapalua Zipline

Jan 29, 2017 | General Information

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There came a time, when the building of a zipline course became a serious art form. Don’t get me wrong. Anytime you build a zipline course it is a major undertaking designed to give thrills, adventure and excitement. It’s just that at some point in time, perhaps about the 10 year mark of Maui’s first zipline course on Haleakala, the building of these zipline courses became very sophisticated. That is certainly true of the Kapalua Zipline course.

To begin with, in order to have a good zipline course, you need to have a good location. If you’ve ever been to Kapalua, you know that’s the ultimate great location. The hills and valleys behind the Kapalua resort that gracefully climb toward the top of the mountain are covered in an abundance of greenery and lush, lush foliage. The views from these areas are full ocean views looking down at the channels between Maui and Molokai, Maui and Lanai and Lanai and Molokai. Both islands are clearly quite visible as are whales during the winter months. The elevation climbs rapidly creating the ideal gravity flow for a very fast course. Each zipline and each feature was carefully planned out with beautiful architecture and attention to detail. The bridge they built to connect the course between two giant valleys is a graceful suspension bridge that is purported to be the largest in the state.

Additional features were brought in to make the experience a fun and friendly one. Each of the individual ziplines themselves are a double zip. Who wants to zipline over an enormous valley pushing speeds of perhaps 40 miles per hour without someone to share the experience with. At the Kapalua Zipline you will be racing your friend or family member to the other side screaming and whooping the whole way along. Just that in itself, doubles the fun.

With regard to the actual harnesses you sit in they are state of the art themselves. Years ago the very first harnesses were somewhat uncomfortable as your position was mostly vertical and the pressure of your weight came squarely in your crotch area. Newer zipline courses like Kapalua have moved to a much more pleasant harness that is somewhat more like a swing chair that you can recline back in with no focal point of pressure on any individual point on your body.