Lahaina Breakwall Surf Guide

Jul 29, 2022 | General Information

The Lahaina Breakwall is located on the south side of the Lahaina Harbor’s boating channel. On most days you will see groups from the local surf schools conducting their lessons on the inside right. The outer wave is a larger left that will peel for quite some distance during a good swell. If you decide to paddle out please do not the let the abundance of beginner surfers lull you into a false sense of security. I can tell you from first hand experience that the sharp reef that covers the bottom can easily cause damage to your body or your surfboard if you come into contact with it.

Lahaina Harbor Breakwall, Quick Facts
Breaks: Breakwall Lefts, Inside Right.
Break Type: Reef.
Best For: Beginner/intermediate surfers, longboarders, shortboarders.
Attributes: Long rides, crowds of beginner surfers.
Shoreline: Corse white sand, reef, break wall of the Lahaina Harbor.
Lifeguard: No.
Access: Easy, paved road.
Best Swell Directions? South, Southwest.
Hazards: Shallow reef, the Breakwall, crowds of beginner surfers.
Where to get into the water? It is normally easiest to get in the water by jumping off the rocks on the southern corner of the break wall or from paddling out from the sandy beach on the inside.

More Details About The Breaks
“Surf School’s (The Inner Right)” This little right breaks more often then any other wave in the area because it can handle such a small swell. When the waves get larger, they will first break on the outside left and then will reform on the inside and break again. This helps to regulate the size of the waves to a scale that is small enough to be manageable for beginners and first timers.

“The Breakwall” The larger wave that breaks on the outside when the waves get up to about two feet is for surfers that have a bit more experience. During the right swell it can actually wall up quite nicely and peel from the far outside down the entire length of the breakwall. When it’s breaking like this it is unsafe for beginners and you should probably stick to spectating unless you’re already an experienced surfer.

Spectating Advice For The Lahaina Breakwall
Unless the waves are giant there is normally a crowd of spectators and photographers that a gathered on the southern corner of the break wall. This area is quite a bit closer to where the waves break then the sandy beach on the inside. However, please take note that waves will occasionally come up on the break wall which can cause a dangerous scenario so please keep your attention on the water to avoid any hazards. A general rule of thumb is if the rocks are wet, then waves have been breaking that high and can be expected to come up at least that high again in the near future.

How to get to the Lahaina Harbor Breakwall
Getting to the breakwall is very easy. It is located right in the middle of Lahaina town at Lahaina Harbor (which is right next to the landmark Banyan Tree Square). Free parking in the area is scarce, if there is no street parking available and the lot on the corner of prison and front street is full then you’ll most likely have to resort to a paid parking lot.


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