Magic Island between Waikiki and Honolulu

Oct 4, 2020 | General Information

Ala Moana Beach Park is located equidistant between Honolulu and Waikiki and consists of a large park and two beaches, Ala Moana Beach and Magic Island. Located on the Waikiki side of the park is the channel which enters the main harbor in Waikiki called the Ala Wai Boat Harbor. The park and its two beaches are actually located on a peninsula of land that for the most part was man-made. This turned out to be a great addition to the growing local and visitor populations just beginning to burgeon in the 1950’s because of the ease of access to the park and its adjacent beaches from the metropolitan areas.

Ala Moana Beach, Ala Moana Park and Magic Island Beach
Ala Moana Beach is the larger of the two beaches and spans a distance of one-half a mile all toll. The beach is largely protected from the open ocean by an outside reef and on most days is calm and quite suitable for swimming, stand-up paddling or simply an ocean dip. Further out toward the reef areas there are spots that are good for surfing and boogie boarding but these should only be enjoyed by those accomplished in these sports. The sand entry at the beach makes this an easy place to get into the water and the calm waters often attract long-distance swimmers, many of which can be seen out for their morning swim on a daily basis. Ala Moana Beach is quite wide and offers a lot of area to lay-out upon and although it is not generally as crowded as the beaches in Waikiki proper, it does have its moments. The park located behind the beach is well used and enjoyed on a daily basis by locals and visitors alike. There is plenty of grass area for throwing a football or Frisbee and it is popular among local families on the weekends. Ala Moana Park is also the site of many festivals and public events during the year and has plenty of facilities for all to enjoy.

Ala Moana Beach
Magic Island (featured in the first photograph) is located at the end of the peninsula and has great views of Diamond Head and Waikiki. This is also a great place to watch the surfers at the multiple surf spots that surround the perimeters of the peninsula. The swimming area here is totally calm as the half-moon shaped beach is protected from the open ocean by a fortress of rocks and boulders. Breaks in the seawall allow water to come in and refresh the swimming area continuously and this is an excellent area for weak or beginner swimmers, children, or those just looking forward to a refreshing dip. Life Guards are on duty at both Ala Moana Beach and Magic Island Beach.

Ocean Caution
Please be advised that all beaches and ocean locations in Hawaii can be potentially dangerous including this location. Be completely aware of the ocean conditions prior to entering the water and of course, never turn your back on the ocean when you are on the shoreline. It should also be noted that all shorelines and beaches in Hawaii, including this one, can be frequented by sharks, jellyfish and other sea creatures which can provide potential harm to people entering the water.