Mahi Mahi, this fish puts up a Good Fight!

Oct 4, 2020 | General Information

There are many fish that can be caught in the waters off Hawaii but one of the favorites for sport fisherman and gourmet chefs alike is the Mahi Mahi. These fish are fun to catch and fun to eat.

In Hawaii Mahi Mahi means ‘very strong’ and that fits the Mahi Mahi to a tee. When you get them on the fishing line they will fight and spin and jump so hard that they will give the angler a run for his money. Once inside the confines of the vessel it will often still be struggling and thrashing about and as a result many fisherman with try to get it in the ice chest and close it as soon as possible to avoid complications.

These fish live to an age of no more than five years old and they are found all over the world in tropical and semitropical waters. The males are larger than the females and they have a very square forehead while the female’s forehead slopes back more gently. Their colors are iridescent and continuously changing. They can change colors numerous times in the course of a few seconds and it is believed that these color changes are based upon their mood. Often after they have been caught and they have given up the ghost their formerly brilliant colors will turn to more of a yellow hue.

As far as eating goes, this is one of the favorite fish you will find at the restaurants. It is white and generally firm but not as much so as the Ono who shares the same Hawaiian waters. The preparations for this fish are numerous and the best fish restaurants will serve them in tacos, prepare them in various sautes, grill them often with macadamia nuts or Cajun blackened and they are also delicious in soups and salads.