Maui Zipline Courses vary greatly and each excel in their own ways

May 4, 2021 | General Information

The zipline industry in the US and in Hawaii had its start on Maui. This original zipline still exist in Maui’s Upcountry, the Skyline Ecotours Haleakala Course. In its earlier days, ziplining was for daredevils only. These days it mainly provides exciting experiences. In fact, many different exciting experiences on Maui in 10 different zipline courses.

The variety of zipline choices on Maui is important to know when anyone thinks about ziplining on the island. One zipline might be better suited to a first-time zipper and another one to a child. For some people, a tree canopy zipline experience would be very appealing. For others it would not be a choice at all. Some people are looking for speed ziplining, even the ability to race a friend on a double line. Some people just want a brief taste of ziplining, Others are looking for the longest zipline course in Hawaii which happens to be on Maui. It’s about ¾ of a mile long!

Most moderately fit people of any age over 10 (sometimes younger) and without disabilities can zipline. Obviously flying through forest tree-tops on canopy tours or over valleys and gorges requires more stamina. These zipline experiences also require a heart that can deal with zipping as high as 600’ above the ground at more than 30 miles per hour. Some ziplines even reach speeds of 50 miles per hour. People who zipline have to be realistic about their physical capabilities and limitations.

People who want to race with a partner might choose the Kapalua Zipline. This is one of the newest courses on the island and has double zips. On the slopes of West Maui Mountains, the course also is one of the most scenic. For gorgeous ocean and West Maui Mountain views, Skyline Eco Adventures is one of the best and longest courses. The longest zipline course on Maui, Flyin Hawaiian, is located in the Central Valley. This course actually traverses 7 scenic valleys. On the final long leg, you might reach speeds of 50 MPH! Another popular course in Central Maui, on Maui Tropical Plantation, includes 5 lines that fly above planted fields. This is a wonderful zipline course for families with children.

In addition to zipline choices in the mountains of West Maui and the Central Valley, Maui’s Upcountry has some of the islands most scenic, newest and exciting courses. Two courses are located on Piiholo Ranch, above Makawao, in the Eucalyptus forests of Olinda. One course traversing a valley offers the fastest zip on the island, including a double zip for racing. Another upcountry zip is located at ‘Camp Maui’, the historic Marine Corps WW ll military camp in Haiku. This course offers seven zips, multiple platforms, suspension bridges, and giant towers. This course definitely is ‘kid friendly’ and can take children 5 years and older.