Molokini & Turtles With Pride Of Maui

Aug 15, 2020 | General Information

The morning we went out with the Pride of Maui was a magnificent spring day. We had gentle trade winds throughout which were enough to keep us cool but not enough to have any negative effects on the snorkeling conditions. On this day one of our website developers, Kiai Barretto, accompanied me on the trip. We like to go diving in our free time so we decided to bring our own blue water dive fins along for a little extra kick and see if we could get any good pictures in the deep water without using any SCUBA tanks. Unfortunately the flash of the camera, which brings the colors back into the picture in deep water, was having issues and our pictures didn’t turn out all that great. We had a great time diving at Molokini as well as Turtle Gardens where we ran into a small baby turtle. Some of the other members of our trip tried out SNUBA Diving, which was offered onboard. After we were done snorkeling the BBQ was opened up as well as the bar. We spent the cruise back to the harbor sipping our cocktails, chatting with newfound friends and enjoying the beautiful scenery and warmth of the South Maui Coastline.