My wife is a vegetarian. Which luau would be best for us on the Big Island?

Sep 15, 2021 | General Information

My wife is a vegetarian. Which luau would be best for us on the Big Island? The following question was answered by Ann.

My wife and I are coming to the Big Island next month and are interested in doing a Luau when we’re there. My wife is a vegetarian and I wanted to know if there was a luau that you thought would be the best for her?

Just as the luau offered at the Marriott in Wailea…the Te Au Moana (Ocean’s Tide), the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Sunset Luau offers a great selection for vegetarians. If seafood is in your wife’s diet, the seafood pasta is out of this world! Their salad bar offers a lovely array of vegetarian delights..Waimea greens, local tomatoes, lomi lomi salmon (again, if seafood is okay). Try the lomi lomi salmon with the famous poi which is almost pudding like and is made from the taro root. It loves to go with something salty like lomi lomi salmon! Poi is often misunderstood, as people aren’t always informed as how to enjoy their poi. Chicken pasta salad and a Japanese pickled cucumber salad (namasu) are other fun vegetarian selections. Then on the entree buffet, addition to the wonderful seafood pasta, one will find grilled pineapple and tomato, island sweet potato, and a coconut glazed vegetable stir fry. And of course, there is the dessert table! A mango or guava chiffon cake, banana bread, chocolate cake, pineapple bread pudding, creme anglaise to drizzle over your chiffon cakes, and a local favorite coconut treat, haupia.