North Shore Zipline

Dec 15, 2019 | General Information

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The North Shore Zipline is singular among all the zipline companies in Maui in that its base of operations in Haiku, is operated on land that is recognized by the State of Hawaii as a Historic Site. This was the site that was used as a training camp for the 4th Division Marines in the mid 1940’s. Though the pairing of a zipline course and a historic site is without a doubt, a curiosity of sorts, it still brings to the fore a certain novelty and many points of interest. Leave it to say that this may not at all be the decision making factor as to why you may have chosen this zipline to enjoy, but it sure does add an additional dimension to the experience with its on-site museum, and historical information posted all over the course regarding its former occupants.

Referring strictly to the merits of the zipline aspect of the experience alone, this does seem to be an attraction that is well enjoyed by its participants. Though it does not compare to other Maui ziplines in terms of grandiose views it is held at a beautiful location in an area of Maui that is well known for its beauty and quiet bucolic presence. This is also a zipline that is ideal for a child’s adventure (5 years and older) with plenty of room to roam and interesting things to see. The zips are no where as high as you might find in many of the courses that straddle huge valleys and careen off giant precipices but this factor in itself is somewhat of a beneficial one in having its appeal for young children and also for their parents and grandparents alike. There seems to be a big difference in taking a jump from a tree or a stand that may only be 20′ or 30′ from the ground as opposed from one that may put the zipper in a short period of time in a position where he may be a few hundred feet above the ground. To that end, this is an attribute of the course. And in addition the course is easily walked by a person not doing the zipping thereby allowing an extended family member to participate in the same experience in real time together.

It also must be stated that there seems to be a universal appeal in participating in a zipline course that is in most instances one of the most reasonably priced on the island. We hear many good reviews about this tour.