Oahu Beach Guide

Jan 15, 2021 | General Information

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A listing of all Oahu Beaches can be found on these pages. Check for the Oahu Beach that will be perfect for you!
It’s a good thing you’re going to the beach on Oahu! Not only does Oahu have some of the most beautiful beaches in the state, have some of the best snorkeling to be seen in the state, have some of the best surfing, kayaking and stand-up paddling locations in the state and some of the largest waves for you to watch in the state, but Oahu beaches have more lifeguard locations and more lifeguards all toll than any other island in the State of Hawaii.

Lifeguarded Beaches on Oahu are the Safest
The fact that Oahu beaches have more lifeguard locations and more lifeguards than any other island really provides the “tipping point” of the argument that can be made that Oahu beaches are a superior place for visitors to enjoy as compared to other Hawaiian islands. Every island has beaches that can be dangerous and Oahu is no different. Sandy Beach for instance is famous for having the highest rate of broken backs and broken necks in the United States. Certainly the giant surf that rolls in on many beaches in the winter months also makes for dangerous conditions. The fact that gives Oahu an edge is that a much larger percentage of lifeguards are present on Oahu than on other islands.

Oahu Has Beautiful Beaches
Now, does the fact that there are lifeguards stationed at Oahu beaches necessarily make them safer. Not automatically, no. They are a resource that you need to use however to stay safe. Yes, if you go to a beach where a lifeguard is stationed and get into trouble in the ocean, it is a great thing that a lifeguard may be there to assist you but that may or may not be good enough to keep you out of harm’s way. What will keep you out of trouble however is to only attend beaches that have lifeguards on duty and to only go into the water after you ask a lifeguard if it is safe to enter on the day you are there and where you should swim and what you should avoid. This is where Oahu has the advantage; it has the resources to keep you safe if you use them. This is why we strongly suggest that you only make use of Oahu beaches that are guarded, and that you always ask the lifeguard first if it is a good day for you to swim and if there are any dangerous conditions you should be aware of. We have provided Oahu beaches in the beach guide that are not guarded because we know that many will want that information, but we highly suggest, as do the Oahu lifeguards, that you will be safest if you use the guarded beaches.

Use This Oahu Beach Guide to find the Perfect Beach for You
In this Oahu Beach Guide we have provided information about some of nicest beaches on the island. Because there are so many beaches to choose from it is often difficult to know where to go and how to get there. Our attempt here has been to make the decisions a bit easier for you to make by providing you with the information you will need. Your beach options on Oahu are greater than you may have initially thought. If you review the beaches on the right hand side of this page before getting into the water you’ll be better prepared to have the best ocean experiences that Oahu has to offer. Have a great day at the beach!