Oluwalu Surf Guide

Jun 15, 2022 | General Information

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Oluwalu is a fun place to surf. Its bottom is made up of a mix of sand, rocks and small patches of reef which makes it a much more forgiving break then many of the other razor sharp reefs that cover the island. The breaks at Oluwalu consist of two A-frames and one longer left. It is located directly on the side of the road on the way to Lahaina, if the waves are up its worth pulling over to see.

Oluwalu Surfing, Quick Facts
Breaks: North Peak, South Peak, Far Lefts.
Break Type: Reef, rock, sand.
Best For: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced surfers, longboarders, shortboarders.
Attributes: Long rides, good barrel sections, short paddle.
Shoreline: A beach made up of cobblestone sized rocks.
Lifeguard: No.
Access: Exercise caution pulling off of pavement onto the dirt parking area.
Best Swell Directions? South, Southwest.
Hazards: Sections of shallow reef, crowds.
Where to get into the water? From the beach between the far left and the South Peak, or on the North side of the North Peak.

More Details About The Breaks
North Peak The north peak consist of an A-frame wave. The left will make it all the way to shore on a good day and the right will connect with the left of the southern peak if its good enough. This wave can wall up enough to get a few good turns and if the wind is cooperating maybe even a little barrel.

South Peak The wave is very similar in shape to the north peak, sometimes the right will connect with the far left and sometimes it will break all the way into the shore. The left normally ends up connecting to the right of the north peak.

The Far Left The left has much more of a reef covered bottom then the two peaks farther to the north which makes it break very clean, but also adds a bit of danger. When its working well this is the longest break at Oluwalu. Normally it is a bit mushier then the other peaks which makes it a popular spot for longboarders.

How do you get to Oluwalu?
Oluwalu is easy to find as youre going out to Lahaina you will be traveling on Highway 30. Oluwalu is located on the side just past the Oluwalu Store. Be careful when parking, it is common for tourists to pull their rental cars too far onto the rocky beach and getting them stuck.