Pacific Whale Foundation’s “Wild Dolphin & Snorkel”

Aug 12, 2020 | General Information

The Pacific Whale Foundation is a company that is very well known on the island of Maui. They have an immense amount of boats in their fleet, and they operate all sorts of different kinds of excursions in the waters of Maui County. Their most popular trips are their Molokini Trips, their Whale Watches and the trip that we went on today, the Wild Dolphin & Snorkel. The Wild Dolphin & Snorkel is a 3/4 day excursion that departs from Lahaina Harbor and heads out to the island of Lanai. The population of Lanai is slightly over 1% of the population of Maui and the marine environment surrounding the island is pristine. During the day my Dad (Tom Barefoot), took some shots of the boat and one of our dolphin encounters that you can view below.


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