Romantic and other Special Events, Landscapes & Activities that Exceed Expectations

Jun 11, 2021 | General Information

Each of Hawaii’s islands can claim to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Many people using Tom Barefoot Tours ( experience the enviable problem of trying to decide which island to visit…but fortunately there’s usually a next time and another island.

The clients of our destination wedding planner affiliates have an even more challenging task: deciding which one of Hawaii’s islands, and which part of that island, is the most beautiful place to say “I Do”. The good news for couples planning weddings or renewal of vows in Hawaii is that our wedding planner affiliates not only have mastered the art of creating “Dream Weddings,” they also are experts on all of the locations in the islands worthy of these extra-special events.

In fact, if any of you want to plan special events of any kind in Hawaii, wedding planners are the best resource for selecting the best locations as well as what to see and do in the vicinity or anywhere else. That’s where and wedding planners become perfect partners.

Wedding planners select the best locations on any island, arrange for a minister, license, music, photography, videography, receptions, flowers, hair, makeup artists, stages, sound systems, furniture and more, choreograph everything before, during and after wedding ceremonies or special events and, as a service, offer their clients and all of their guests in order to select their favorite activities and tours in the vicinity or anywhere in the islands.

Sometimes all of these event and activity planning decisions happen months or even years in advance of events. Sometimes its last minute, perhaps an elopement, but still all executed without a hitch. Although we pride ourselves in providing exactly the kinds of activities and tours visitors want on any island, from decades of experience we know that our job is really simple by comparison with wedding planners. They have to be great organizers, handle every detail perfectly, make the day of, before and after wedding ceremonies, parties and other events beautiful and enjoyable.

Our wedding planner affiliates combine special planning, design and coordination expertise with impressive entertainment savvy. They share the same goal as which is to make personalized planning of events or activities and tours as easy, painless and affordable as possible, with as much or as little help as people need from start to finish. It’s an honor for TBT to share in the countless love, wedding and marriage stories that unfold in Hawaii’s amazing scenery.