Safest way to swim with Dolphins?

Mar 14, 2018 | General Information

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Safest way to swim with Dolphins? The following question was answered by Shyela.

We would love to swim with the dolphins when we visit Oahu. I know you offer swims with dolphins in captivity as well as in the wild. I don’t want to get bit by the dolphins, are the captive ones more tame than the ones in the ocean?

Naturally dolphins in captivity that have been trained to interact with people will be more tame than wild dolphins in the ocean. With our packages available at Sea Life Park, you can get a handshake and a kiss on the cheek from a dolphin, and even sign up for a dorsal fin or foot push ride! These are wonderful if you’d like to get close to a dolphin and interact with one in a controlled environment.

Swimming with dolphins in the wild is a completely different experience. They are in their own element, and the dolphin swims are done in a way that allow the dolphins to interact with you and/or the group by choice. Careful measure is put in to ensure that we do not disturb the dolphins rest, nursing, or breeding behaviors. You wouldn’t ever want to reach out to touch the dolphin, this is considered “bad manners” according to dolphin experts—so a dorsal fin ride isn’t something you’d have an option of in the wild. On that note, the guides on these tours are very experienced, and know all the appropriate protocol of interacting with the wild life that you will encounter in the ocean. You can be confident that if you partake in one of these dolphin swims you will learn how to properly interact with them should they approach you. It can be an incredible experience as they are naturally playful, intelligent, and curious creatures. However, if you feel like swimming with wild dolphins in the ocean isn’t for you, you would definitely enjoy the option of having an interactive experience with a trained dolphin at Sea Life Park.