Skyline Eco-Adventures

Sep 30, 2018 | General Information

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Skyline Eco-Adventures will always have the ‘first to fly’ advantage. They were the ones to begin the whole zipline adventure industry in Hawaii with their first small but charming course on the slopes of Haleakala, which still operates today. Since their humble beginnings they have since opened up a second course on Maui in the Kaanapali area and also a course on both Kauai and more recently the Big Island. With each course they open they get better and bolder in their design and in the experience they provide for their guests.

On Maui, their first course is still operational and although older, it is still viable and fun. This is particularly true if you are a beginner, somewhat fearful of heights or a younger child that would like to work his way in to the faster lines. The first lines of the 5 line course are absolutely tiny in comparison to the courses they and others have built since then. This does not mean that it does not fulfill a need, because a slower course is a great place to begin. And you will likely forget that the first 4 lines were somewhat slower when you get to the 5th line that zips down to its endpoint at speeds at least twice the speed of the previous 4. Its kind of like working your way up to the ‘big time’ after you’ve developed some confidence.

Their newer Maui course is in the hills above Kaanapali and you will need to be driven up to the area where this 11 line course begins. From the very top of the course and everywhere in between you will be treated to views of the Lahaina Roadstead, and the island of Lanai front and center in front of you. If you look in the other direction you will be able to see the tops of the West Maui Mountains from a vantage point you have never been closer to. It is hard to keep your focus off the view because of its extreme beauty.

Between the various zips, you will be hiking along somewhat uneven pathways which connect each of the 11 lines. Consequently there will be some degree of walking involved but not that much. The valley crossings are moderate in length but do traverse some enormous gulches that could be hundreds of feet below you. Adventure and excitement will be your two friends and will be seated one on each of your shoulders.