Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is Considered Among the Best Overall Hawaiian Activities for Your Health!

Nov 30, 2019 | General Information

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is perhaps the single best exercise available to you in Hawaii to provide you with optimal physical conditioning. You may want to give this a try while you are here to see what all the rage is about as SUP has gone ‘off the charts’ in its popularity. You can get the feel for it and then make it a regular part of your exercise regime when you go home if you are lucky enough to live near a body of water.

It’s list of benefits seem endless. You will have increased stamina because of the cardiac activity, also and increased sense of balance. Almost every muscle in your body will be used at one point or another and there is little if any continuous impact such as you have when you run. Your core muscles in the abdominal area will be among the most worked and you will soon have the ‘six-pack’ you dreamed of. Flexibility is increased. It increases strength and endurance and is also ideal for recuperation of muscle injuries as other nearby muscles can be favored while bringing the affected ones into play gradually. Stress is also reduced but one of its main advantages is that it will put you in a natural setting with a stand-up view of the water surrounding you.

Each major Hawaiian Island will afford you an opportunity to partake in this most healthy of sports.