The Spectacular Weather Conditions in Hawaii are in Large Part Due to Our Consistent Trade Winds.

Sep 9, 2020 | General Information

The islands of Hawaii are one of the largest resort destinations in the United States and this is not because of their spectacular beauty alone but also of course because of the fabulous weather found here. Conditions here are quite temperate, generally very comfortable and are very consistent. The weather does change in Hawaii just like everywhere else but it generally holds to a remarkably stable range of pleasant conditions because of a number of factors and high ranking among them are the consistent trade wind conditions that influence the state year round.

Trade winds are not a phenomenon unique to Hawaii as they actually exist throughout many points of the globe both in the north and the southern hemispheres. The dominant effects of the trade winds on Hawaii’s weather may partially be due to the fact that there are no near land masses to exert an influence on the constant recycling of air that continuously occurs between the regions of the equator south of Hawaii and the vast areas of ocean north of the islands.

This pure cycle of air transfer begins at the equator when warm air rises very high into the atmosphere and cycles toward the north. As it reaches an area in the general area of 30 degrees north latitude it descends to the ocean surface and then begins blowing southward.

Influenced by the spinning of the earth beneath it the course of the winds follows a path that consistently blows from the area north-east of the islands. These winds have the effect of stabilizing the weather patterns over Hawaii and these winds are remarkably consistent. It is estimated that during the summer months these winds will blow over 85% of the time and that in the winter months they will blow about 50% of the time.

These trade wind influences assist in providing the very comfortable and moderate conditions which are prevalent most times of the year and which make the weather in Hawaii the envy of all of the other 49 states.