The Tom Barefoot’s Tours Advantage

Nov 9, 2021 | General Information

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Why You Should Use Tom Barefoot’s Tours
We only book activities and tours in Hawaii, nowhere else. We book over 400 proven vendors and over 1600 different activities and tours. We have hundreds of Trustpilot reviews and an outstanding rating of almost all 5 Stars.

We’ve been booking activities and tours in Hawaii since 1975. We are a trusted business with a proven reputation for honesty and integrity. We’ve seen all the changes, and we know all the players.

Our staff lives and works in Hawaii. They know everything worth knowing about each island and especially the kinds of experiences visitors love to discover and share with friends and families.

We know that you try to help clients make the best personal choices. Our website is very easy to navigate and includes ‘Activity Match’, a simple system of filters that enables each user to make just the right choices needed for a perfect day or itinerary on each island.

The state-of-the-art technology behind our Tom Barefoot’s Tours website has evolved over the years in response to the needs of our customers and affiliates. Our goal has been to incorporate everything we’ve learned about activities and tours on each island in the website and make it easy for users to research and make personal choices.

No matter how comprehensive and detailed, websites leave many individuals’ questions unanswered. Every day from 7am to 6pm HST our staff is available to answer all of these questions and to make additional suggestions. How good is that advice? Please look at our Trustpilot reviews to see what customers think about the advice, help and problem-solving that we’ve provided.

Our commissions are higher! We provide commissions as high as 17% with the majority of the activities we sell most at a rate of over 10%. Our commission rates vary depending on the specific arrangements we have made with our wide-ranging vendor base. Bottom line……You make more money. (We send out commission checks between the 15th and the 30th of month following completion of an activity or tour.)

Your clients save money! We know that ultimately the client is the one we have to please. We’ve learned that everyone likes to save money and we put an emphasis on seeing that they do just that.

Your excellent commission percentages already have the discounts we offer to your clients ‘baked in’. You don’t lose money because your clients are getting a good deal. With us, you get the best commissions and your clients get the best pricing in Hawaii.

We offer you and your clients special pricing on Hawaii’s activities and tours that not only is lower than what can be found online or in other sources, but is even lower than the prices in our normal Tom Barefoot’s Tours website. When the public views prices of activities and tours in Hawaii on our regular Tom Barefoot’s Tours website, they see both a regular price and a discounted price. On the special websites we make for companies like yours a special price for activities and tours is highlighted in yellow and says You Qualify For This Rate.

You can use the website to make bookings for your clients or you can simply pass on your special website to the client and they can make the bookings on their own. You get commissions either way.

For vacation rentals, B&B’s, wedding planners and travel agents and others we make it easy to track activity and tour bookings by providing you with a ‘Tool Kit’ link that you can open any time you want. This will show bookings that were made last month, the present month and future bookings. You will also have a link in the tool kit to get into the commission chart which shows live, up to the minute, exact commissions you can easily pull up for over 6000 tour rates.

Would you like to personalize the title pages of your website to say anything you want? Perhaps you are a travel agent with a host agency but as an IC you would like to have your name or perhaps the name of your company on the website as well. Just use our special ‘Add A Name’ tool found in your tool kit and type in what you want. It will appear instantly on all 10,000 pages of your site. You can take it off just as easily or even customize it for every one of your clients. For example you can make it say ‘Jill and Kevin’s Hawaii Tours’ or whatever. Just remove it and change it for your next client. Once your client identifies with their own website, they’ll never use anything else.

If clients have any problems with an activity or tour, we are right there to reschedule or make a refund. Refunds are processed as soon as we are notified that a tour has been cancelled. Clients can call us at any time during their trip if they need some help or would like to book additional tours.

Finally, as no doubt you know, as many as 85% of the clients you send to Hawaii are going to engage in at least one activity. In order to earn high commissions from every one of these bookings, make sure that they have a special Tom Barefoot’s Tours website with your brand on it.