This is not exactly the Hawaii State Bird……..But!

Jan 9, 2022 | General Information

In most places chickens are in cages but in Hawaii there is a large population of feral chickens who live in the wild. This is true of all islands but to a larger extent on the island of Kauai where it is speculated that large quantities of birds were loosed from their cages during both hurricanes Iwa and Iniki and have been wandering in the wild ever since.

These birds seem perfectly suited for their lives here in Hawaii as they adapt quite well to a number of different life styles. Many have taken to the forests and live on seeds and insects. Others have found the tourist market a gold mine and hang out at tourist locations and scenic spots and rely on snacks the tourists may feed them. They are very prolific and the chicks are adorable as they scurry behind their attentive mothers and seek protection and proper guidance.

Not all their activities are considered desirable however because once these birds colonize a neighborhood they crow through the early morning hours and cause a lot of disruption. It is because of this very ‘rooster like’ activity that many are hunted down or trapped in cages by residence and removed to other locations or simply put to rest.