Tom Barefoot’s Tours offers many helicopter flights in Hawaii at discount pricing.

Apr 9, 2022 | General Information

Helicopter flights in Hawaii are expensive. In fact, the dollar amount spent per hour on each tour is the highest of all the activity categories. They are short and they are expensive, but they carry a big punch. This is one dynamic activity you will not be able to replicate by any other means. Seeing the islands of Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island from the air provides a huge education as well as being fun.

The topic of price is something we deal with all the time. We usually have the best price from the ‘get go’ because we continuously monitor prices. We do however have certain constraints: Some companies don’t discount, and they don’t allow their products to be discounted. In those cases, we honor their wishes and just sell at regular price. Some companies allow a discount but only to a certain dollar amount. In those cases we drop our cost to the permitted amount. Others don’t care and in those cases we drop the price as far as we can. Its pretty simple.

It can be somewhat challenging to understand helicopter pricing however and if you are comparison shopping you need to make certain you follow the checkout funnel to the last page before purchasing. You will then see the total amount, including taxes and special fees that you will be charged for your flight. You should follow the same procedure on our website and see what our final price is. In most cases we think you will be pleasantly surprised. If for some reason you find that we are not the best price, give us a call and we will see if it is possible to adjust the price downward. Sometimes prices you may find require you to go to a ‘time share’ presentation or to spend some additional money to buy into some special club. Regardless, let us know the number and we will try our hardest to beat it.

The other thing that is quite different about helicopter pricing is that helicopters often have a separate category in their price structure called ‘fuel surcharge’. On a specific company’s website that may or may not be stated up front, but it will appear in the final price eventually. This is why the regular pricing of a helicopter flight may initially seem somewhat low, but then when the surcharge is added the price is raised significantly. Please just check our final price against anyone else’s final price and you will get the true picture.