Tom Barefoot’s Travel Blog – Exploring Maui’s Cane Fields WIth Green Zebra Off Road

May 9, 2022 | General Information

One of Mauis newest activities is the Green Zebra Off Road Tours. Theyre located right next to the Flyin’ Hawaiian Ziplines Course at the Maui Tropical Plantation. Theyre a bit different from the other off road tours on the island because they utilize Tomcars. Our guide explained that these vehicles were originally designed and manufactured by the Israeli Military. They had some interesting quirks to their design that made them quite ideal for the terrain of Waikapu, including a belt driven rear end with a high clearance independent suspension system.

As soon as we got into the Tomcar and turned the motor over it was clear that we were in for an exciting trip. The 1000cc motor put plenty of power to the wheels for us to kick up some serious dust. The small ATV sized tires light weight seemed to make the engines job even easier and the combination of the tires and the suspension matched up perfectly, giving the vehicles some some serious off road cornering abilities.

Our guides had the keys to the gates and were able to take us through the sugar cane fields to explore the trails you could not normally access. As we glided over bumps and rocks almost effortlessly you still had time to enjoy the views of the west maui mountains between drifting around corners and maneuvering through obstacles. Most people on their trip to Maui do not get to experience the expansive sugar cane agriculture we have here. This trip brings you deep into the fields and gives you an idea of what is all involved with this 100+ year old industry.

Along the way we stopped at a large water reservoir with beautiful views of Haleakala volcano as well as the north and south shores of the island. The guides gave us a brief history lesson on this land we are traversing as well as its surrounding mountains. After all that excitement on the ATV’s it felt good to take a water break and have a few minutes to take in this beautiful environment.

After a few minutes we were back into the vehicles and riding along the aqueducts before zipping back into the cane in the search of some mud. It didn’t take long to find a mud puddle and we approached it full speed ahead kicking up dirt and mud all over the Tomcar, and ourselves. We backtracked through the trails for a while until it was time to head back to the Tropical Plantation and wash all this dirt off. What a fun trip!