Tom’s Tips – Big Island Bike Tours

Aug 11, 2020 | General Information

All of the volcanic activity happening on the Big Island in 2018 really put a hardship on many of the activity companies there. This was particularly true of the bike tour companies who in many cases found themselves cut off from the places they had taken tours for years. The fumes emitted from the volcano at times also made things difficult so it has taken a while for them to get their feet back on the ground (tires back on the ground) but they are totally grounded at this point. These tours are one of the most fun ways to explore the volcanic area as they are a combination of biking on mostly fairly flat roads and a short amount of hiking as well. This is so much more different than visiting the volcanic zone from the inside of a van or tour bus. This puts you out there right in the middle of it, seeing, feeling, breathing, hearing and moving slowly through it. You feel like you’ve really had the experience.