Waialea Beach

Nov 1, 2018 | General Information

Waialea Beach is one of the most perfect all-around beaches on the Big Island’s western coastline. One of the best things about the beach is that it is not located on or near a hotel so there is no problem with access directly from the road. Local people and visitors alike make good use of this beautiful beach for this reason. This gorgeous light-brown sand beach consists mostly of sand but does have a number of interestingly placed lava segments and the trees that line this beautiful inlet not only provide an abundance of shade but also offer picturesque shapes providing for intriguing seascapes.

Beautiful Waialea Beach is Easy for Visitors to Find and Access
Waialea Beach is usually quite clear and provides for a great snorkeling experience primarily in the summer months when the beach is usually fairly calm. In the winter month much of the sand will disappear on its annual pilgrimage to deeper water and so it will become more difficult to find a great place to lay-out and in addition the currents and waves can make this beach a dangerous one at this time. In fact, since it is not overlooked by a life guard tower this beach can be a danger at any time of year. Should you have questions about the safety of the waters here you can easily drive about one-mile up the coast to the beautiful Hapuna Beach where you will find not only one, but two lifeguard towers.

Waialea Beach Facilities are Excellent
Another draw to Waialea Beach is that it has excellent facilities including a large, clean restroom, showers, picnic tables and a large parking area. Among the locals Waialea Beach is also referred to as “Beach 69” evidently because that was the number on the telephone pole that stood in front of the beach for a number of years. Whatever name you call it, this beach is one of the best.

Ocean Caution
Be advised that all beaches and ocean locations in Hawaii can be dangerous including this one. Be completely aware of the ocean conditions prior to entering any Hawaiian waters however it is not advised that you enter the water at this location unless you have been assured by someone you trust that the conditions are safe. Also, all shorelines and beaches in Hawaii, including this one, can be frequented by sharks, jellyfish and other sea creatures which can provide potential harm to people entering the water. There are no lifeguard towers at this location.


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