Walking on the Sand may be better for you than you realize!

Jan 1, 2021 | General Information

Walking on the soft white sand of a beautiful beach in Hawaii is what we all dream about. Are we aware how truly amazing this exercise is for us however?

In our modern world we almost all wear shoes and as a result our feet have become desensitized by them. They protect us from the harshness of our city sidewalks or from pieces of metal or glass that may be strewn on the streets but lets face it, when your in a beautiful Hawaiian beach town those shoes should disappear and be replaced with rubber slippers and when you actually get to the beach it should be ‘barefoot’ all the way.
There is so much that walking barefoot on the sand can help you with.

it takes about 2.5 times more effort to travel the same distance on sand as it does on a sidewalk so you will be building up your leg and cardiovascular system all that much faster.

By not landing continuously on the flat surface of the shoe sole your feet will necessarily have to make the subtle adjustments to help balance the whole body and thus have the effect of toning the legs.

It is well known that all the organs in the body are connected via nerves to the bottoms of the feet and the act of simply walking on the sand granules will have the effect of massaging your major organs.

By breathing the oxygenated ocean air at the beach you are automatically de-stressing yourself. A beach walk can do wonders for your mental health.

There is minimal impact when walking or running in the sand so it is an easier and more restful exercise for the body.

You’re in Hawaii. Take your shoes off and stay a while!


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