Welcome to the Most Beautiful Coastline You Will Ever See!

Feb 1, 2022 | General Information

The accolades are endless regarding the beauty of the Na Pali Coastline on the North Shore of Kauai. Why do so many people think this is the most beautiful piece of coast line they have ever seen? It is because this is the most beautiful piece of coastline they have ever seen. Hands down, this 11 mile stretch of coastline is by far the most exquisite piece of real estate that exists in the Hawaiin archipelago.

Kauai is the oldest of the major Hawaiian Islands to be thrust out of the sea. As such, it is the one that has had the most time to be worn down by the elements of wind, rain and surf and as a result it has morphed into a carved and chiseled landscape with cathedral like spires, beautiful yet isolated white sand beaches, sculpted cliff lines and amazing sea caves
This Na Pali Coastline is not one you can just easily visit. The cliffs are so sheer in this area that there has never been a possibility of building a road through this region and as a result the only way to visit here is by boat, by hiking in or by helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.

This is not an area to be missed. By all means if you can, go on a snorkel tour to the Na Pali Coast or do a sunset or a dinner cruise to the area. There are beautiful coastlines on all the Hawaiian Islands but nothing like this.

The problem with seeing this by sea is that the winter months are so ferocious that the Northern end of Kauai is often pummeled by huge waves and battering winds. The dangers of traveling there then are numerous and so the best time to visit this coastline by sea is in the summer months.

Air tours by helicopter or fixed wing aircraft are a different story. These tours are available all year round and are in many aspects the best way to view this coastline. Regardless of your decision of how to visit it, the Na Pali Coastline should not be missed. It is nothing like you will see anywhere else in the world.